Wayfinding Services
Design Services/Client Services

Wayfinding Services

Wayfinding is the process that any individual goes through when entering
an unfamiliar place.  We look for visual, audible, and other clues to orient
us and help us find our way.  Sometimes the process is easy; in many
settings it is not.  We have all felt lost in hospitals, airports, and college

Wayfinding is further complicated if we are in a hurry, distressed,
physically impaired, or in an unfamiliar culture.  Some individuals
prefer to wander or explore their surroundings, while others look for
signs or maps.


Designing effective wayfinding is a process that may incorporate many
kinds of signs, maps, and other graphic elements.  Our services combine
wayfinding studies and analyses to develop wayfinding systems tailored
to your organization's particular needs. 

  Design Services/Client Services

We design all types of interior and exterior signs, corporate logos,
displays, graphics, and architectural elements.  Our creative team  looks
at usage, application, environment, purpose, theme, materials, color
palette, and cost factors throughout the design process. 

We often work along with interior designers and architects to develop
suites of signs (sign systems) for facilities and campuses.

The design process may include;
     -initial meetings with the customer or designer to determine
      the needs and scope of the project
     -a visit and walk through of the site
     -site surveys
     -budget analysis
     -traffic analysis (vehicular and pedestrian)
     -distance visibility analysis
     -review of architectural plans and drawings to develop a
      list (or schedule) of signs
     -meetings with affected groups to design wayfinding strategies
     -providing shop drawings and renderings for review
     -production of sample signs for owner review and approval

Each project is assigned to a project coordinator who serves as a
liaison between the customer and our designers and production staff.

Fairbanks Hospital
Our design team met with hospital staff along with the interior designer
from Maregatti Interiors to design signs that are simple and elegant.


Colors reflect the palette chosen for the remodeled hospital.  The curved
lines are sub-surface and incorporate elements from the hospital's logo. 
Offset black backing plates enhance the signage as design elements
on the interior walls.

City of Bloomington Indiana
Aquatics Department

When the city of Bloomington, Indiana needed a new logo for their
aquatics department they asked us to design one that would reflect
the history and commerce of the area.  Southern Indiana is famous
for its quarries so we designed a kid with a hard hat and rock
hammer.  A number of variations were made and used at the city's
new water park.


Bloomington Indiana Greenways
We also recently developed new logos for Bloomington Greenways...

...as well as designing a suite of trail signs that are unique and mindful of
the area's setting. These signs incorporate limestone bases with Cor-Ten
steel posts.