Please read the following to understand the file types we need for production;

Files we receive for logos, text, or graphics are of two types; bitmap images or vector art.

Bitmap images (.jpg and .tif) are collections of pixels.  When you enlarge these files you see that they are made up of a large group of dots.  They come to us as small files suitable for small output (usually under 200kb) and as large files suitable for output by large format digital printers (files are usually over 1mb).

Small bitmaps may look fine printed in small format for business cards, letterhead, or brochures; 


When you enlarge these to the size required for banners and other large output the dots become obvious and the images begin to look very grainy;


Large bitmap files can be reproduced with digital printers in large format without loss of quality.  We can not however, use bitmaps to drive our CNC equipment used in making dimensional characters or cutting vinyl for signs.

Vector files (.cdr, .eps, .dwg, .ai) are files created in drawing programs that are essentially mathematical equations that the program uses to create the art.  Vector files can be scaled to any size without loss of quality.  We require vector art for our CNC equipment that produces dimensional characters and cutting vinyl. 

Ordinarily all graphics (with the exception of those which are hand drawn) are generated in vector based programs.  Often they are saved as bitmaps since most users do not have vector programs to open the files and the bitmap image is a universal format.  If you need to locate vector art a good source would be the individual who originally created the graphic. 

While it is easy to convert a vector file to a bitmap it is not easy to convert the bitmap to a vector file.   Our method of converting these files is to import them into a vector based program and then re-drawing the graphic.  Depending on the complexity of the graphic this can be very time consuming.  We offer this service for a fee of $100.00 per logo in most instances.

To further confuse things sometimes bitmap images are placed into vector art files. So, you may find a file that is part vector and part bitmap.  The best strategy is to send us the file and we will let you know if is something we can use without re-drawing it.

Also, we are PC here not MAC so please send all files in PC format.