Form3 is an innovated method of design that joins together CNC milling technology and architectural design. The relationship between the two fields allows for the creation of complex spatial forms, installations, unique furniture design, and creative paneling systems that moves beyond the X and Y coordinates and into the Z direction.

Form3 is neither an object or unique shape, but a innovative method of design that uses digital tools as an impetus that pushes design professionals from a state of thinking and into making. 

Forms created with this technology may incorporate plastics, metals, resins, woods, or other rigid materials used singly or in mixed media.  The structural form may be encapsulated or skinned with fabrics, fiberglass resin, or other materials to give the complex shape a solid look.

Form3 technology utilizes design tools that allow for the creation of bold new
shapes as in this abstract furniture;

Digital fabrication technology will be used to fabricate these ceiling clouds.
Designed by local architect Chris Short, they will hide the HVAC units and ducting above the bar in the Club Blu in downtown Indianapolis. (click on
image to enlarge)

Form3 began as a collaboration between design professionals William Marquez (Architecture) and Dick Lutin (Sculpture and Signage) who sought to push design beyond the daily nuances associated with architecture and graphic signage.  The idea of collaboration was enough for Marquez and Lutin to move on several prototypes and installations to initiate there ideas and solidify Form3 as creative design solution.

For more on digital design and fabrication please visit the I-MADE website sponsored by Ball State University.