Architectural Elements


Fountain for Monroe Hospital Lobby, Bloomington Indiana.
Stainless steel, custom acrylic and aluminum shapes, stone base,
river rocks, water.

  Lighted Walls

5mm Polygal with steel studs on 16" centers.  One stroke of 15mm Voltart Majestic Orange neon tubing between each set of studs.  On dimmer in wall.


Custom fabricated aluminum awnings and entry structures with incorporated down lighting.

  Fixtures & Sconces

Interior and exterior fixtures and sconces.  Lighted with incandescent, fluorescent, neon, or LED lamps,  dimmable.

  Oven Slumped Acrylic

3/8" thick 3030 acrylic oven slumped to custom shape with flame
 polished edges.  Slumped elements may be incorporated into signs, donor walls, and other architectural pieces.

  Architectural Castings

Cast GFRC (Gypsum Fiberglass Reinforced Cement) elements at
a mall.  We also cast fiberglass, foams, and resins.

  Touch Screen Directories

Our touch-screen directories are fully editable when networked to a work station.  Custom Kiosks and frames are available.