Custom Routing:

Our Multicam router converts digital files to complex shapes.  Its 10hp
spindle cuts a wide range of materials, including non-ferrous metals. 
Capabilities include XYZ axis routing, a 70" x 144"  max cutting area,
accuracy to .002", and the ability to cut up to 5" thick material.  Typical
materials we route include aluminum, plastics, wood, foam board,
laminates, Corian , Avonite, PVC, HDU, and MDF.  Complex shapes
may be cut for letters, logos, sign blanks, engravings, molds, architectural
elements, cabinet components, and routed millwork.

We also offer wholesale routing services to the sign industry.  Please
contact us for a quotation.

  Custom Engraving:

Our New Hermes 8000XP engraves and routes intricate detail  in non-
ferrous metals, plastics, foam boards, and laminates.  Capabilities
include XYZ axis routing, a 24" x 48" max cutting area, and the ability to
cut up to 1" thick substrates.  We also produce raster Braille for ADA-
compliant signage with this machine.

  Neon Fabrication:

We fabricate neon for signs, lighting (exterior and interior), and
sculptural/architectural components.  This versatile medium offers
over 400 different colors in tubing diameters ranging from 5mm
to 40mm.  It can be dimmed, computer sequenced, formed to
many shapes, and is very long lasting.


We use Matthews Acrylic Polyurethane nearly exclusively.  A PPG
product (similar to automotive paint), this two part catalyzed paint is
designed to provide durable, long lasting sign finishes.  We stock
formulas and base colors to match all PMS colors, as well as those
from all major paint manufacturers.  Our custom mixing station is
capable of reproducing any color. 


Our 40' x 60' paint room provides us with the capability of painting
large structures or large quantities of letters at the same time.


Our PhotoBrasive sandblasting system allows precise control over the
blasting media for reproducing photographic images and other precise
details, as well as the ability to sandblast large objects and signs.

  Applied Graphics:


Our Roland plotter cuts vinyl, stencils, masks, and patterns.  We also
provide high resolution digital printing for all applications including
billboards, posters, vehicles, and interior graphics.  We stock a large
inventory of applied vinyl films for many applications. 

For color choices please visit our color selection page for Avery films. 
Colors displayed on your monitor may not reflect accurate film colors. 
Please request a sample to verify accuracy.


We have two 350 Amp Hobart Pulsed Mig welders.  One dedicated for
aluminum welding and the other for steel.  We also fabricate with TIG



Our JET Photopolymer processing station allows us to produce ADA
compliant signs with text, logos, and characters that are integral to the
substrate.  Photopolymer signs are capable of providing graphic
resolution up to 300 lines per vertical inch.  Signs are suitable for both
interior and exterior applications.

  Hot Press:

The KOBO TC-Series hot stamp machines instantly apply color and
metallic effects to painted or unpainted raised ADA compliant
photopolymer text and graphics.  It also is used in the production of Dye
sublimation tiles.

  Custom Metal Finishes and Patinas:

Cast Brass 1

Cast Brass 2

Cast Bronze 1

Cast Bronze 2

Copper Patina 1

Copper Patina 2

Gilded Metal 1

Gilded Metal 2

Silver Plate

Yellow Brass 1

Yellow Brass 2

We offer custom finishes in steel, aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, and
silver.  Surface treatments include;
                -chemical patinas
                -applied colorants and coatings
                -mechanical surfacing and deforming
                -combinations of these techniques

The examples above represent patinated brass, bronze, copper, gilding
metal, silver, and sheet yellow brass.  Please contact us to match or
produce custom finishes.