KVO Exhibit Bases

NPS Exhibit Bases



What is an Exhibit Base?
An exhibit base is a practical way to protect and display your graphic panels. ACS offers both standard and custom exhibit bases in a variety of sizes and finishes, in both KVO and National Park Service (NPS) models.
When should I use an Exhibit Base?
Exhibit Bases are used extensively to display interpretive graphics for parks, scenic byways, trails, visitor centers, botanical gardens and more. They are attractive, practical and offer your graphic panels good protection.
What's the difference between KVO and NPS Exhibit Bases?
KVO's Exhibit Bases are similar in style to the standard NPS models but are manufactured from computerized metal fabrication equipment and can be made out of powder coated aluminum, powder coated steel, or Corten weathering steel. NPS frames are manufactured from aluminum extrusions and are available in a standard polyurethane paint finish (powder coat finish available for an additional charge). KVO's Exhibit Bases can be delivered within 6 weeks while NPS frames take up to 12 weeks. KVO's Exhibit Bases are priced slighter higher than the NPS models.
What material should I use for my Exhibit Bases?
Painted aluminum works well in most environments and is the most economical choice. For added durability, either powder coated aluminum or steel is recommended. For a more natural look with little to no maintenance, Corten weathering steel is an excellent choice.
What is Corten weathering steel?
Corten weathering steel has a unique, natural oxide coating that forms on the surface of the steel, making it virtually impervious to corrosion. This coating turns a rich reddish-brown color and takes on a patina finish over time. This finish works extremely well in natural settings and requires little to no maintenance. In fact, it tends to look better over time while other finishes can begin to degrade. Corten Exhibit Bases are only available in the KVO models and are priced slightly higher than powder coated aluminum.
What sizes are available?
The standard sizes available for KVO and NPS Exhibit Bases are 16" x 20", 18" x 24", 24" x 36", 36" x 42" and 36" x 48". Custom sizes are also available but can cost more and take longer to fabricate. To see the available sizes for our different models, please go to the Framing Systems section of our website, or contact us for more information.
What finishes are available?
KVO's Exhibit Bases are available in powder coated aluminum, powder coated steel, or Corten weathering steel. The powder coat finish comes in 6 standard colors; verdigris texture semi-gloss (green patina), rust texture semi-gloss, black texture semi-gloss, gray 40% gloss, statuary bronze, and hunter green. Custom powder coat colors are also available upon request for an additional fee. Our NPS Exhibit Bases are available in a textured polyurethane paint finish in three standard colors; dark brown, medium gray or black. NPS Exhibit Bases can also be powder coated for an additional fee. Custom color matching for either paint or powder coat finishes is available upon request for an additional fee.
How much do the KVO and NPS Exhibit Bases cost?
Please contact ACS for pricing of our Exhibit Bases as there are a number of factors that dictate final cost such as style, material, finish, size and quantity.
Does ACS offer custom framing systems?
Yes. We can work directly from your specifications or we can help you design and fabricate a framing system that makes sense for your applications.
What is the warranty for KVO and NPS Exhibit Bases?
KVO and NPS Exhibit Bases and Framing Systems are warranted for a period of one year from the date of delivery against defects in materials and workmanship.